Road Trip

One Wednesday this summer, I got in my car and aimlessly started driving. I didn’t come home for a week. This is what I saw….


I started in West Virginia and headed west. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Let me tell you what’s not fun: Oklahoma toll roads. Who carries around exact change? Let me tell you what is fun: driving through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The scenery is so different than where I live. It’s so beautiful. My camera can’t quite capture everything the way it looked being there.


I got to California in two days. I thought I could make it to the Busted show at the Troubadour, and I did.


I hope they will have more shows in America. I owe my sister a Busted concert. It was so hot in there and I was so tired, but it really was fun. I talked to some other fun fans, and there wasn’t a bad view from any area. It was so up close and personal. Busted’s music is so good.

I stayed in Malibu two nights. I needed to stick my feet in the pacific ocean (crossroads reference! LOLOLOL)

Then I decided to drive to Mount Rushmore. I don’t have a bucket list, but if I did, seeing Mount Rushmore would be up there. On to Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota.


Let me just say, I’ve been through Utah before, but I didn’t remember how beautiful it was. Everything was gorgeous. IMG_0375



I got to Mount Rushmore Monday, late afternoon. It had just hailed, and there was ice all over the road driving up the mountain. Scary, but once again, everything was so beautiful. There were so many RV’s, campers and KOA stops, the atmosphere made me really want to go camping.

Mount Rushmore is one of the greatest pieces of art. A perfect carving of four well known faces on a MOUNTAIN! I say well known, because everybody knows what the presidents looked like. It’s not some random face, where you could get by with it being a less accurate representation. How hard that must have been! I feel like one mistake and it would have been ruined. But it’s perfect. IMG_0415IMG_0407

I decided to start the two day drive back home on Tuesday, but not before stopping at a road side attraction before I got out of South Dakota. It was 1880 Town.


Apparently, this old town was built by a movie studio back in the day for an 1880 era western. They got it finished right before winter, but abandoned it when the weather got bad. They left it to Clarence Hullinger, who had already donated a bunch of Indian artifacts and antiques to the film company for use in the movie. The town was moved to 80 acres of land that Clarence’s son Richard owned, and the two started the 1880 Town attraction.


All the little houses and shops that you can walk in around this town have random fake dummy people placed around to look like real people. It kept scaring me, because there weren’t a lot of visitors there, and everything was old and full of cobwebs, and it was quiet. I’d walk around a corner and think a dummy was a real person and jump. Then I walked in this saloon and assumed the person behind the counter was a dummy too. So, I’m just walking around, taking my time for like 5 minutes, in silence. And then I look up as I’m walking past him, and realize he’s a real person! And he’s been staring at me this whole time and saying nothing. It was so awkward, because I jumped when i saw him, making it obvious I didn’t expect him to be there or be real. Then he’s like, “How ya doing today?” and I’m like, “Oh, fine.” but then there was this long, silent, awkward pause between us. I don’t know why I didn’t speak more, I was just thrown off. And I was planning on walking back in the section behind the counter, but then I wondered if that was allowed now that I know real people are here, and he was kind of blocking it. So, I didn’t know which way to go. And then after what felt like forever, he says, “All right, so how ya doing today?” He literally asked the same question twice, because that’s how awkward it was!! I wrapped that up real fast and got out. lol. I embarrass myself all time.

I got home on Wednesday evening. One week around America. I did so much driving, it was ridiculous. I really enjoyed it though. Driving and listening to music is the most healing thing to me. I needed some healing too. It gave me hope, and made me feel accomplished during a time when I feel so out of control of everything. I’ve always wanted to take a road trip like that, and I made it happen.

I didn’t take many pictures. I was trying to live in the moment, haha. I wish I could have made it to more places. My little car couldn’t take anymore though. Next time, I definitely want to spend more time in Texas, visit the Junk Gypsy store, visit the Four Corners monument, and drive up to Seattle. My new life goal is to get a truck, get an airstream, get out of debt, get rid of everything else I own, and live on the road. That’s living.


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