Spider hotels


I’ve always said, If I have to put my stuff in storage, I might as well throw it away. I stand by that statement. Storage units are a spider paradise, where humans drop off luxurious living spaces for them to expand in. Unfortunately, because life never ceases to be unfair, I now find myself forced to store my things.

Every time I start stressing, my mom starts her usual non-believable comforting. “There’s no spiders in there, my goodness. It’s climate controlled, in a nice building. My goodness.” The first time I went in, I set one box on the ground and what do you think was beside it. Kill me now. I sprayed that room with so much bug spray, i was choking for two days. If they don’t die, I would like to.

Today I went back down to drop something off. There was a giant dead spider in the hallway. I guess somebody must have seen it outside and threw it in the door, because I was assured there’s not any spiders in that building. The day that stuff comes out, I will need alcohol and a hazmat suit.

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