Moving Day


Today is moving day. The car is loaded, gas tank is full, tunes ready, and I’ve packed Kitty’s snickers bar in my purse for when she gets hangry. She’s pretty nervous about a four and a half hour drive, because she’s only ever been in the car for two hours. And to top it all off, the cell service is terrible driving between the mountains. But, I’ve promised her a great window seat, I downloaded her favorite kids bop album, and promised we’d stop for iced lattes once we’re out of the mountains. I just hope the coffee shop carries her brand of sweetener. She’s got a really great day coming to her.

Yesterday, I picked up a box and instantly killed my back. I felt like I was on a life alert commercial. And I actually thought before I picked it up, now lift with your knees. I’m not sure why I’m 75 years old, but I can’t help but wish the seat in my car was going to be more back supportive.

One thing that came back to me about living more south when I visited a few weeks ago: the intense humidity. I am happy to be moving, but it’s a real downside for me. I guess I’ll just look like a flat smear for the rest of time. I actually thought to myself a while back, I really must have finally found the right products to combat humidity, and that it just didn’t bother me anymore. I don’t have to run in-between an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned building, so my face doesn’t melt, and my hair doesn’t look like I intentionally plastered it to my head. In reality, I had just been out of the south too long.



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