Good Mythical Morning


I know I’m late to the game, but I’ve just recently discovered the youtube channel Good Mythical Morning. It’s a daily morning talk show hosted by Rhett and Link, two friends from North Carolina (now living in LA). They have close to 13 million subscribers, so obviously lots of people already enjoy the show. They also have several other channels extending onto the show, behind the scenes, etc. They just started their new season, but if you’re like me and just found out about them, there are tons of past videos to enjoy on the weekends when the show takes a break. I always watch while I’m eating breakfast and enjoying my coffee. It’s become a comfort in my morning routine.

They do a lot of theory testing, food tasting, discussions about growing up, etc. There are also a few episodes with celebrity guests joining the fun. I don’t think they really need special guests, though. In fact, the only guests that I thought really fit or added to the show was the episode with Chester and Mike from Linkin Park. That one was really fun, but usually Rhett and Link are more entertaining by themselves, I think. My favorite episodes are the halloween ones, and the ones of them talking about school and dating the same girl, Leslie. There all good though!

So, if you haven’t heard of the channel yet, you should give it a try. Get some coffee and enjoy!

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