I do this from time to time

So, recently my brain has been trying to kill me again. I never know when I’m going to start spiraling, and I wouldn’t say I’m out of the clear for a little while just yet, but I would say I’m starting to see the light again. I’ve been working to get myself involved in things that I won’t be able to back out of, or hide from. I have to force myself out of this hole I get locked in sometimes, or the cycle never breaks. And for the first time in a month, I’ve felt capable of jotting down some words.

I’ve not gotten to do all the fallish things I’ve wanted to yet, but there is still time. I did go see ‘It’, and it was pretty amazing. Lived up the all the expectations and more. I’m thinking the little germaphobe kid was my favorite. I decided to just go see it one night by myself, and so I drove to this local theater that I’ve never been to before. The guy working at the ticket booth said I had to pick my seat, and showed me the seating chart. Well, I could tell only one other person had purchased a seat, so I just said, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, just sit me anywhere,” thinking he would pick a reasonable spot. He put me right beside the only other person in the theater. Are you for real?! I would have been fine with literally any other seat. Why would I want to walk into an empty theater and sit right next to the only other person there. Why would that person want someone to come invade their space, when it obviously isn’t necessary. Maybe he thought I would be so scared, I would need the company. I guess I learned my lesson about picking my own seat. Anyway, I sat somewhere else and really enjoyed the movie.

There is a yellow spider living on my car. It only comes out to cross my windshield while I’m driving. I think it’s trying to kill me. When I park and get out, it’s no where to be seen.  It bothers me greatly, but honestly, I guess I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t get inside my car or harass me as I’m getting in and out. I just hope it knows it’s boundaries.

Kitty is doing great. Here she is running her successful Halloween business:


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