Lifecycle of my bangs

Day 1: This looks so much better. You should always have bangs. This is what your face needs. This will be so cute for colder weather too.

Day 2: These bangs really make a difference. Why did you ever let them grow out before. Let me trim them a little to get them just right. Perfect.

Day 3: You’ve ruined yourself. (Begin grow out process)

Kitty’s Korner


Kitty has decorated her house for Christmas. She papered the walls herself. And this was difficult, because she’s not allowed to use scissors or glue after her Easter crafting incident. She’s waiting till after Thanksgiving to string the lights and add lawn decor. She wanted a Macy’s Parade balloon to tie on the roof, but I compromised by giving her Santa’s cell number and upgrading her data plan to unlimited texting.

The hope in meeting people completely different than you


It’s not really about being completely different, it’s about a new perspective. It’s about connecting with someone who takes you out of your comfort zone, or mind rut, and reminds you that there is an entire world out there with new experiences waiting to happen to you, there’s different kinds of people than the ones that are surrounding you or you’ve surrounded yourself with, and there are new things to love about life. I’m not even talking about dating or meeting a new partner, but it could be that as well. I’m just talking about anyone that comes into your life adding value through just being themselves, and diminishes the weight of your problems by opening up your eyes to a different perspective. Their existence gives you hope. It’s a hard thing to describe.

I had so many times growing up, especially in school in a new class or something, when I would see someone and think, “Oh, that person would hate me. I better stay away from them, because I can just tell we’d never get along,” and then that’s the very person that ends up being your best friend for years. I would be scared of them, because they seemed so different from me. But our differences complemented each other, and we had something new to add to each others lives. You meet the best people in the most random ways, at the most random times.

Several winters ago, I went out of the country for the first time to my sister’s wedding in China. It was hard to talk to a lot of people there because of the language barrier, but one of my sister’s bridesmaids knew English pretty well. (Nothing makes me feel more useless then being around people who know multiple languages. I’ve had three years of french, and I feel like I should at least be able to do something with that. But nope, only English. -___-) We had only talked for a few minutes, but it felt like I’d known her my whole life. We realized we were going through a lot of the same life problems at the time. Nobody I knew back home could understand what I was going through, but she got it right away. Someone living a completely different life, on the opposite side of the world from me understood me better than friends I’d been living around for years. I’ll never forget those conversations, and how much comfort they brought me, and how grateful and lucky I am to have met such a special person.

I love being around people with different musical taste than me as well. I try to listen to different kinds of music or browse through different artists or genres, but I mostly tend to stick to the same things. That’s not a bad thing either, but sometimes you find new favorite artists or songs through someone else, and you know you never would have come across them on your own. I mean, I’ll probably never love any death metal no matter who shares it with me. But then again, I’ve started loving songs I’ve hated by associating them with favorite memories. Like the time I went on a road trip with two friends that wouldn’t stop turning up the volume to All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor. I enjoyed how much they enjoyed it. I may have even listened to it on my own a few times after that. My sisters and I have very similar music tastes, but they branch out into other genres and artists I never listen to. We used to love to make each other mix tapes with all our favorite songs of the moment, and we really tried to bring new stuff to the table (LOL). Those cd’s are still some of my favorite.

This is a rambling blog. I guess I’m trying to say, new people or new experiences can bring hope. It’s something I try to remind myself of a lot. You never know who will come into your life and change it. There is nothing wrong with old friends or the familiar, but sometimes I know the best thing I can do for myself is get out and meet new people and experience new things. I’m thankful for all the people who have given me new perspective, even the ones that don’t know they’ve made a difference.


In Bloom


Our little plant finally bloomed again today. It’s been over a year since she’s had a bloom, thanks to my poor flower care. I left her out in the cold too long last year, and she died off. I thought she would never grow back, but I watered and fertilized her soil and waited. One day a little sprout broke through the soil and began to grow. Since then, she’s been through several windy storms, two soil changes, a long, jostling car ride, and a bug attack. She’s never given up.

The bloom has been developing the last few weeks, and opened this morning. I immediately called Kitty over to see. She gives this plant love everyday, so I knew she would be just as excited. She sniffed it for so long, and then out of the blue, batted at the core and almost broke the stem. We may never know why she did it. Was it jealousy? Poor paw control? Traumatic as it was, the bloom is okay. And after some counseling, Kitty has agreed to never do it again.

There is another little bloom coming up behind the opened one. I think our little plant is going to make it.



Kitty’s Korner


Kitty’s new job this fall is watching the window for bugs. She will get 10 cents added to her allowance every week for each lady bug she keeps from sneaking in from the gap in the screen, and 1 million dollars for each spider. She’s saving up for a Christmas tree farm. The holidays are right around the corner.