In Bloom


Our little plant finally bloomed again today. It’s been over a year since she’s had a bloom, thanks to my poor flower care. I left her out in the cold too long last year, and she died off. I thought she would never grow back, but I watered and fertilized her soil and waited. One day a little sprout broke through the soil and began to grow. Since then, she’s been through several windy storms, two soil changes, a long, jostling car ride, and a bug attack. She’s never given up.

The bloom has been developing the last few weeks, and opened this morning. I immediately called Kitty over to see. She gives this plant love everyday, so I knew she would be just as excited. She sniffed it for so long, and then out of the blue, batted at the core and almost broke the stem. We may never know why she did it. Was it jealousy? Poor paw control? Traumatic as it was, the bloom is okay. And after some counseling, Kitty has agreed to never do it again.

There is another little bloom coming up behind the opened one. I think our little plant is going to make it.



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