Questions that come with depression

How long do you just exist? What is the purpose of finding ways to delay death? What if happiness never comes? What if you feel this way forever? Can you handle it forever? Is there a reason to handle it forever? What happens when you lose the will to live? Isn’t it more selfish to ask someone to hold on to a miserable life, than to see yourself sad for five seconds at their death before you move on? Why do some people suffer so much and others not at all? Why does life reward you when you’re already up or snowball you into a pit of despair when you are already down? Why do people only take you seriously once you’re dead? Why do people shame you when you’re sad?

The biggest movement in this generation is “focusing on me right now,”  “putting me first,” “only keeping people around that benefit me right now,” and most people are hurting more than ever. How have you benefitted anyone else lately? Why are all these hurting people dying? Why is everything so lonely and unfulfilling? Will anything ever change?


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