Belch heard ’round the world


This picture is from a couple holidays back at our family Christmas party. Right before the camera went off, my Uncle let out the loudest belch of all time, and luckily all reactions were captured. This picture always makes me laugh for several reasons:

  1. Thinking about the belch.
  2. Nobody looks good in this picture. The only person that came out well is my sister, Julie, because she got blocked. Lucky. I look like I’m in month nine of pregnancy with twins, like maybe I had to pause labor to stand up and take this pic real quick. Unfortunately, it’s a combination of stuffing myself with food beyond physical limits and wearing an unfortunate top. False alarm. If you’re not wearing loose sweats or maybe just a large sheet draped over your body to these Christmas parties, then you’re doing it wrong. Some years I eat so much food, the only way I think I can continue visiting with family members is to lie on the ground and roll room to room.                             sweat
  3. And most of all, thinking about how our family almost fell apart after my cousin posted this picture on her Facebook. Half of the family doesn’t even have Facebook, but somehow it was still offensive. The Rants, the Denials, the Disownment: Facebook the Story. And here I am posting it several years later to another internet outlet. Don’t worry fam, it’ll be seen by 20 people tops, LOL!

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