Hi, I watch Flea Market Flip



I recently finished fixing up this old flip top vanity. I love watching those tv shows where they flip antiques, and have always wanted to try it myself. A couple years ago I converted an old table into a nightstand, and I loved the results. I even had people offer to buy it, which was super flattering (LOL!). But, I actually did want to keep it for myself, because I needed one. But that got me to thinking that I should try to fix something up to sell, and see how that would go. Well, two years later I’m trying it out. I love to get right on things.

Now, I didn’t take any before pictures because I’m dumb. There is only one picture of the drawers while Kitty was working on them.


The structure of the vanity is very solid and well built. It just looked a little outdated with its coloring, and the facing of the left drawer was broken and taped back on. So I just had to repair the facing and clean and paint the vanity. The bench was sold with it, but it was not originally a set. The bench was a lot older and dirtier, and it had three levels of cushion and material covering the seat. So, I just had to tear all that off and clean it up, before painting and reupholstering it.

It’s not perfect, but i really like how it turned out. I’m tempted to keep it, because i’ve always wanted a vanity, but I’m more determined to see if it would sell. I guess if it doesn’t then I’ll be forced to keep it. Haha! Win win, really.


Right after I took this picture, Kitty proceeded to push the violets off the top of the vanity. I guess the family counseling isn’t working.

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