Mosh pits: What are they good for?


I have only been accidentally in a mosh pit once, because I wanted to be up front, as close as possible to see a band I really liked. I thought I was going to get an up close experience of my favorite songs being preformed. Instead, I spent the evening trying not to fall down in the depths of the pushing and shoving, to be trampled and die. Which brings me to my first question: Why are mosh pits up in the front?

Oh, you paid to have a concert as the background music to your death match? Cool, lets put you right up front, so anyone that actually wants to see and enjoy the concert can sit in the way back with their binoculars and hearing aids. Just want you to “have fun.” Hey, there’s a lawn area like 6 miles back that will allow you to push and shove as much as you want without bothering anyone, but skip that and move right up on stage if you want. You’re probably more interesting than any platinum albums being played.

I worked with a guy once that lived for joining the mosh pits at concerts. He was telling me all about it, while recovering from his two broken ribs. I asked him to please tell me why that is fun. All he said was, “Are you a metal fan?” I said no, and then he told me I would never understand. Sure, good answer. I’m mean, yeah, I lost my face, and now my feet point backwards, but what a good time! What else does he find fun? Hairs in your eyes? Getting murdered? I guess I could never understand.


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